for the lovers on the moon.
the things you forced me to learn


I don’t know why the thought of you

makes me dream of meeting strangers

and whispering poetry into their thighs

but i am learning that loss has many stages

some stages teach you how to belong to loneliness

and the rest consume the things you once loved about yourself

three days of heavy hearts and slow breaths



the sweet honey

that glued our bodies together

refused to connect our souls

the moment you looked at me

and only saw loneliness


you let people poisoned with fear

devour your heart

so soon you will wake up

with rotting flesh

a foreign body


my mind is a terrifying

graveyard full of conversations

with the dead and the dying


Artwork by Cathrine Raben Davidsen

Yohji Yamamoto Paris Menswear S/S 2014



Seven nights ago

i found her

in the middle of the ocean

like me

wet and lost

she was the first to say my name 

the way i dream the moon does

i found shade 

when she charmed me with cool waterfall eyes 

that soothed my ache

But something went wrong

didn’t it? 

Did you crumble 

in the palm of my hand

when i prayed to you instead of God? 

or did i forget 

that i would decompose

when i dug a grave in your chest 

to bury myself inside?

(stop running, sweet child. the loneliness is in you, not after you.)



you look at me

as if i am the raging fire

that ate up your mother’s house

a dark horse

with unpleasantly beautiful black eyes

that you are afraid of


but i pray

that whatever keeps you up

until morning light

tells you

that i am all the dreams

you have put down on paper

that i am all the selfish prayers

you send to Allah


i am the longing ocean

that can fill your empty spaces


i am all these things

come unravel me

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